Home- Based Services

We believe that children respond best to therapeutic interventions and behavioral instruction in their natural environment. Teaching in the Natural Environment Training (NET) ensures our therapists focus on the child’s immediate interests and activities as a guide to their instruction and is conducted in a typical daily environment rather than a formal teaching arrangement.

Community & Center-Based Services

A child may require ABA therapy outside of the home environment, which our therapists are able to provide. Once a full evaluation has been completed by one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and a treatment plan has been created, one-on-one instruction can be conducted in a variety of community and center-based settings.

School-Based Services

We work closely with our local school district and are currently their only contracted ABA agency providing one-on-one services in the school setting. These services focus on behavior reduction and social skills acquisition. We also provide consultation and training to school staff.

Programs Offered

ABA Therapy