Our Mission

At Alliance Family Services, our mission is to create a transformative environment where neurodivergent children flourish. Guided by the principles of neurodiversity affirmation, inclusivity, and collaboration, we strive to empower each individual to reach their full potential. Our ABA program is dedicated to teaching behaviors that enhance lives without compromising individuality. Through tailored interventions that prioritize celebrating differences, fostering independence, and dynamic ABA strategies, we aim to provide comprehensive support that encompasses social, emotional, and sensory well-being. Our commitment extends beyond the individual to embrace families and communities, advocating for systemic change that promotes embracing neurodiversity. With transparency, accountability, and a dedication to continuous learning, we endeavor to shape a future where every child, irrespective of their neurodevelopmental profile, is valued, included, and equipped with the tools to thrive in a diverse world.

Providing Services in Clients’ Natural Environments
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